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With today's modern open structures it is very desirable to have an abundance of glass which make using Home Window Tinting Film a necessity . We love to bring the outdoors into our lives, and with today's spectacular windows this is not only possible but it is the typical way builders construct their homes. Big great rooms filled with windows from floor to ceiling. Unfortunately with the beauty comes many problems associated with the sun most of which can be solve by using a good quality Window Tinting Film.

Some of the problems and solutions that we encounter with the suns damaging UV rays entering our homes are:


The Total Heat Coming into a Structure
Air Conditioning Running Constantly to Keep
       Your Home Cool
Annoying Glare Entering Your Home Making
       it Difficult if not Impossible to Watch TV
The Sun's Damaging UV Rays Causing Fading
       and Damage to Furniture, Carpeting, Wood
       Floors and Woodwork, Art & More

Heat Coming into Your Home Reduced by up to 15º
Reduction in Dependency on Air Conditioning
      Saving You AC Replacement, Money and Energy
Our Window Glass Film will Cut Annoying Glare
      up to 88% - Like Ray Bans for Your Windows
Our Huper Optik Home Window Tinting Film
      Will Protect Your Homes Possessions by Reducing
      Damaging UV Rays by 99.9%

Choosing Huper Optik House Window Tinting is the best choice you can make for the total protection of the interior of your house. We carry the new Fusion line of Conventional Window Film, Ceramic Window Films, and our patented line of Select Solar Control Film. These are the same line of products choosen by Princeton University when they wanted to do a "Green" retrofit to buildings on the campus, they found our films to be the best performing products available and saved them a sustancial amount of money while providing superior savings. Read the Prineton University Case Study.

Our superior line of products give you unmatched clarity and protection and at a reasonable price which in todays economy is a necessity. To learn more about our Home Window Tinting Film contact us now by using the convenient form on the left. We will forward your information to a Huper Optik dealer in your area who will help you make the right choice and solve all your solar issues. Learn more about our products by watching the brief video below:

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